5 Key Reasons Why VARs Need a No-Code Center of Excellence in 2023

graphic showing how a no-code center of excellence includes answers to security, permissions, logic, and workflow building

“By 2024, no-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.”

At CitizenDeveloper, we believe in the power of no-code to transform how business is done. Our platform accelerates the development of sophisticated enterprise solutions at only a fraction of time and cost.
While we consider our technology to be peerless, we are not alone on this journey. The CitizenDeveloper Partner Program helps us connect with like-minded Value Added Resellers that understand the extreme value that our no-code platform can provide to their clients.
As we kick off the New Year, here are 5 key reasons why VARs need a no-code center of excellence in 2023.

Increased Efficiency

A no-code COE can help VARs develop custom solutions more quickly, as it allows them to create solutions without the need for specialized coding knowledge. This dramatically saves time and resources and enables VARs to deliver solutions to their clients more efficiently.

Increased Competitiveness

By leveraging a sophisticated no-code solution, VARs can differentiate themselves from competitors and offer unique, customized solutions to their customers.

Reduced Development Costs

No-code solutions typically require less specialized skills and resources to use, which reduces the cost of development compared to traditional coding approaches.

Lower Barriers to Entry

No-code solutions can be easier for clients to adopt, as they do not require specialized coding skills. This can help VARs reach a wider range of clients and expand their customer base.

Increased Profitability

By offering no-code solutions, VARs can reduce their costs and increase their profitability. This can be particularly beneficial for VARs with limited resources or expertise in coding.

Think your organization would be a good fit for CitizenDeveloper’s Partnership Program?

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