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Architects, Application Managers, Executives…It’s time. Take charge of your application portfolio before Shadow IT does it for you. There is an army of Citizen Developers waiting for you to enlist and empower them. Be the guy who says “yes”. Fix the IT bottleneck.

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Monitor from the dashboard or drill in to provide coaching or advice according to YOUR dev ops or architectural standards. Reinforce lifecycle best practices. Enable easy release and roll out across Build, Test and Deploy environments. Metrics include % of application tested, outstanding bugs, open discussions or change orders and much more. Implement agile or waterfall methodologies.
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Perform or simply monitor all traditional systems administration tasks and statuses. CitizenDeveloper is built upon stateless, asynchronous, ephemeral microservices, which means that you have unlimited flexibility and scale. Global CDN, load balancers, and world class scaling is automatic. Monitor or restrict usage and costs throughout your entire portfolio.
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Compliance is assigned within each application, and intelligent algorithms flag any data element that could be subject to data compliance. Setup and monitor all other administrative and technical safeguards simply and easily. Dashboards roll up compliance concerns and possible violations across your entire application portfolio. One-click compliance reporting. This is exactly what your CIO has been asking you for all these years.
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All applications are inherently secure at the platform level; citizen developers can’t introduce code vulnerabilities because citizen developers don’t write code. CitizenDeveloper.com uses the most cutting edge stack technologies, platforms, and vendors, all with security in mind. Elimination of attack vectors, record security enforced at the server level, and all key technical safeguards implemented automatically or with the click of a button. This was impossible just a short few years ago.
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Dashboard level monitoring of key support metrics including application complexity, bug submissions, unit test results, users, usage and much more. Track and grade an individual developer’s progress in terms of application complexity and quantity of support requests; even track the developer’s mood based on natural language queues they provide. From the dashboard, you can easily determine whether an application is becoming mission critical and therefore how you want it to be supported. CitizenDeveloper will estimate support requirements and suggest a skill level necessary based on exhaustive data mining and machine learning. Setup automated support routing rules between you, your community and your vendors.
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