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Hey You! Yes...YOU. You have just been enlisted as a citizen developer. That means you can produce massive specification documents in only a few hours time, including a working prototype. It means you can refine the application in just days. It means you can release the application to testing, collect everyone's feedback, and get this thing wrapped up and deployed without headaches.


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The Fastest Development Tool on the Planet. Period.


The Appearance Overlay enables citizen developer's to easily build the appearance they need. Drag and drop to move screen elements around the page. Use natural language to describe format changes to screen elements. Control a completely responsive framework across three common breakpoints to build distinct UI's by device. Import a Bootstrap 4 theme or build your own. Developers can access completely customizable page structure and CSS. Interface response times in sub-100 milliseconds.

appearance screen


The Data Overlay shows each point in the interface that requires a query. Citizen developers can modify the query by using natural language to describe their modification, or by using the visual query builder. Data can be accessed from/to multiple data sources and manipulated in any way that a traditional SQL language supports. Data scaling and performance is automated at the platform level and most queries are returned in sub-100 milliseconds. Most database administration functions are performed automatically at the platform level.

Data Screen


Use natural language to apply hundreds of pre-designed functions and integrations or use a surprisingly intuitive visual logic engine to create infinitely complex logic, expressions, and data interactions. Implement asynchronous, parallel processing simply by applying a parallelizer function. Easily queue or schedule logic, or monitor for inbound API calls as required. Coders can write and incorporate their own microservices if needed in *.js or their preferred coding environment.

Logic Screen


Easily show or hide any element on the screen based on user groups or based on custom queries and logic that you define. The Visibility Overlay shows you exactly what is shown/hidden and why, and natural language lets you modify it.

Reports Screen


This overlay allows the citizen developer to easily apply record security at the server level. Use natural language to secure records based on user group security models, or by applying any form of complex querying or logic that the business case demands. The Security Overlay shows every query on the page and provides for both simple and complex record security setup.

Compliance Screen


Communicate easily with Central IT or compliance officers simply by building your application. Although the application will offer intelligent suggestions about compliance choices, citizen auditors can easily identify both technical and data safeguards and apply them within the application. Use natural language to apply these safeguards and even to setup and monitor administrative safeguards. Compliance reporting makes it easy to address the needs of compliance audits even across a large portfolio of applications.

Compliance Screen

Requirements automatically generates all application documentation including both requirements documents and as-built documents. The application documents knowledge of versions, discussions, bug reports and change orders, all approvals and authorizations and much more. Clear up all ambiguity with the business team by building your next application in

Admin Screen

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Our Mission expands software development to non-technical users. We utilize the latest technologies for security, scaling, language processing and machine learning. By making software development fast and easy, organizations can enjoy increases in productivity at levels not seen since the Industrial Revolution.

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