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County Clerk Responsive Application Example
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Use The Fastest Development Tool in the World

Build sophisticated business applications easily with an advanced no-code toolset and enterprise-level features.

Simple, Drag & Drop Toolset Icon

Simple, Drag & Drop Toolset

With built-in templates, drag-and-drop design, and an intuitive graphical UI, you’ll be building sophisticated solutions in no time.

Create Complex Logic Easily, Puzzle Piece Icon

Create Complex Logic Easily

Easily build complex logic, expressions, and calculations with our simple point and click menu-driven builder.

Easy 3rd Party Integration, Connection Icon

Easy 3rd Party Integration

Connect to all kinds of external services and data sources in minutes using our prebuilt connectors and simple integration tools.

Built-In Compliance Assistant, Checklist Icon

Built-In Compliance Assistant

Use the many optional Compliance tools to help you stay compliant with your laws. Easy to use assistance tools for use of your Legal counsel or generate reports for.

Zero Vulnerabilities, Enterprise Security Lock Icon

Enterprise-Grade Security

Deploy the highest standards of security. Including layers of SIEM, SLAs, Identity Management, Data Protection, and wide range of overlapping tools and standards.

Natural Language Processing, Chat Icon

Natural Language Processing

A world-first: the use of NLP to facilitate faster, easier software development. Take requests of a business team and turning them into actual software development patterns.

Flexible Hosting Icon

Flexible Hosting

World class hosting is a standard component of our technology stack, all while offering a range of enterprise-grade options for customers who are looking for a specific public, private or hybrid-cloud solution.

Fast Performance, Stop Watch Icon

Fast Performance

Asynchronous Processing coupled with Stateless Containerized MicroServices, means a blazingly fast ability to process a lot of requests and scale up and down the hardware necessary to support that processing.

Responsive UI/UX, Different Device Types Icon

Responsive UI/UX

Solid UX design is a key to reducing or eliminating support desk calls and can double or triple employee productivity as compared to clunky traditional “directed” interfaces.

Complex Features Are Created With Just a Few Clicks

You can easily
create a feature
like user login
notifications with
drag-and-drop ease!
External Authentication Creation Animation
Adding external
can be as easy
as 5 blocks!
User Login Notification Creation Animation

Need a Medical Billing Solution?

Medical Billing Solution Screenshots

Need an A/R Billing Portal?

A/R Billing Portal Screenshots

Need a Scheduling & Billing App?

Scheduling & Billing Portal Screenshots

Need an Audit & Monitoring Portal?

Audit & monitoring Portal Screenshots
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Integrates With Your Existing Services

You can easily integrate with any of the big cloud services like Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft or build your own with our REST API capabilities. Our Get It Done platform fits into any IT landscape and provides modern possibilities for transforming legacy systems.
CitizenDeveloper Services Integration Graphic

Enforce Your Architectural Standards

The CitizenDeveloper Platform leverages a modern REST API to provide full access to the data and logic within CitizenDeveloper applications. Configuring API access is easy and does not require an understanding of REST coding or capabilities.
Architectural Integration Overview Graphic

“If you aren’t sure, you have risk. If you have a legacy or Shadow IT infrastructure, you are REALLY at risk. Everyone in IT lives a precarious existence just hoping that the day will never come when one ‘tiny’ oversight finally shows it’s face. Whether it’s a disgruntled employee, a laptop that walks out or a SQL injection attack that opens up a 10-year-old access database, I decided I had to do something…it’s just not worth losing everything over.”

Ted Smith
T&G Medical Billing

“CitizenDeveloper provided us with more than we ever imagined… and so easily by using the PA ITQ!”

Andrew Sheaf
PA Department of Community & Economic Development

“With CitizenDeveloper, I am able to spend less than a day developing a Proof of Concept that would have otherwise taken weeks to accomplish. Without your tool, most of what I do for my company would be impossible.”

Rob Drover

“Citizen development has allowed me to accomplish more in the last 2 years than I have in nearly 2 decades of traditional development – which cost me more than double what I pay today.”

Company CEO

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