The Fastest Development Tool in the World

Build sophisticated business applications including complete presentation, data and logic layers.

All this with a single Natural-Language based No-Code development tool.

Developers: Increase your productivity by 20x

Design beautiful layouts with easy to use tools.

Drag and drop to move screen elements around the page. Use Natural Language to describe format changes to screen elements. Control a completely Responsive framework across three common breakpoints to build distinct UI’s by device. Import a Bootstrap 4 Theme or build your own. Developers can access completely customizable page structure and CSS.

Implement complex logic either visually or with your own voice!

Use Natural Language to apply hundreds of pre-designed functions and integrations or use a surprisingly intuitive visual logic engine to create infinitely complex logic, expressions, and data interactions. Implement asynchronous, parallel processing simply by applying a parallelizer function. Easily Queue or Schedule logic, or monitor for inbound API calls as required.

Central IT: Start Saying “Yes” to Great Ideas!

Take charge before Shadow IT does it for you.

Monitor from the dashboard or drill in to provide coaching or advice according to YOUR dev ops or architectural standards. Reinforce life-cycle best practices. Enable easy release and roll out across Build, Test and Deploy environments. Metrics include % of application tested, outstanding bugs, open discussions or change orders and much more. Implement agile or waterfall methodologies.

Easily make your CIO happy with One-click compliance reporting!

Compliance is assigned within each application, and intelligent algorithms flag any data element that could be subject to data compliance. Setup and monitor all other administrative and technical safeguards simply and easily. Dashboards roll up compliance concerns and possible violations across your entire application portfolio. One-click compliance reporting. This is exactly what your CIO has been asking you for all these years.

Service Providers: Growth with Low Investment, Low Risk

We’ll do the heavy lifting.

Low investment, low risk. CitizenDeveloper tools and processes make light work of heavy RFP responses and complex software delivery. Our performance metrics across the delivery of hundreds of projects are very powerful. We will strategize win themes with you, provide an outline of the RFP response and write all technical aspects of the document – with win themes applied! When we are awarded the project we will guarantee the software deliverables and SLA’s on the back end. No sweat!

Grow Your Market and Your Profits

With our proven model, you get to go after work that you normally wouldn’t pursue; perhaps the budget was too low? Perhaps the project demands a product you don’t offer? Perhaps you just have been burnt by software development once too often? Whatever the reason, we are going to empower you to prime that work. And because you are the 51% provider with minimal sales costs and no responsibility for the software delivery, you will lock in a very high gross margin!

The Perfect Platform for Everyone!

Empower, Control and Leverage Shadow IT
Central IT
Service Providers

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