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If you're a software developer or agile practitioner, you'll find our tools to be instantly familiar. And if you're new to development, they are easy enough that anyone can quickly learn how to use them.

Build like a pro!

Develop just like a developer would

(but no code!)

Create sophisticated, enterprise-grade custom applications with the same methodology and control as the pros!

This means that the tools are also extremely powerful. So powerful in fact, that by using them you can build sophisticated, enterprise grade custom applications without having to write a single line of code, or to install a single plugin.

If you have experience with full-stack development, systems administration or Dev Ops then good news, you’ve found a home. If you don’t have experience with those disciplines then the news is even better; by using CitizenDeveloper, you will quickly learn these industry standard concepts, rather than some proprietary tool set!

Our approach is as easy as

Build Your Data Tables

Define Your Data Fields

Create Your Relationships

Build Your Application Pages

Search Page, Add Page, View and Edit Page

Create Page Container Sections

On your View and Edit page, setup a new Container to contain the basic details about that record.

Build Remaining Fields

On your View and Edit page, build fields for related records. These fields will need to both show the related record, and also manage the relationship between them through a full cycle of add, edit and delete, as desired.

If your record has many of the related record, you need to use a list to show all of the related records. Place that list in a content tab below the details area. If your record has only one of the related record, you need a dynamic select field to choose that specific related record. Place that field inside the details area at the top of your view/edit page.

Design Your Application Logic

There are no catch-all instructions, you can add logic as needed to fit the needs of your application. CitizenDeveloper makes defining logic very easy.

Setup Triggers

Triggers are places where logic is expected to fire from. For example “on click of a button” or “on mouseover of a field”.

Setup Schedules

Scheduled Logic is logic that triggers periodically, for example every 5 hours or every day at midnight.

Setup Integrations

Use pre-built inbound and outbound integrations or by using REST calls.

Setup Functions

Functions are logic that you want to re-run from multiple locations in your applications.

Everyone talks about scalability, redundancy and security, but for enterprise grade applications your no-code tool choice needs to deliver.

CitizenDeveloper Academy and Online Help

If you get stuck on details, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You have a wide range of vehicles to get help. There’s always a community and support team ready to answer any question you may have about how to accomplish something technical or to provide experienced design advice.

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Choose a plan that fits your development needs.

Choose a plan that fits your development needs.

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