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Large Central IT shops, Service Delivery Partners, and End Users all agree… Citizen Development is the future

IT improves perception from “Bottleneck” to “Enabler”

They’re one of the largest independent public accounting firms. Read how a partner in their advisory services group had to turn to shadow IT until Central IT decided to support him as a citizen developer.

Every RFP Response Was Over Budget

Cancelling the RFP didn’t cancel the problem. DCED contacted CitizenDeveloper to see what was possible using their no-code application platform. CitizenDeveloper delivered a unique web application for under $50,000.

Ignore Shadow IT at Your Own Peril.

Is it possible to displace a legacy architecture, add significant process automation, and increase compliance and security…all at the same time? Within 9 months, T&G Medical Billing was able to accomplish that with the CitizenDeveloper Platform.

Massive Reduction in TCO and Vendor Dependence

Stuck between 100% cost increase or turn away new customers. The company’s sales team was engaged in late-stage proposals with several state law enforcement agencies but, their core application did not cover the RFP’s minimum requirements. CitizenDeveloper saved the day with 80% less cost

Delivered Loan Submission Application in 24 Hours!

Banks had only a few days to get up to speed with the federal Paycheck Protection Program. They needed a loan processing system quickly. Every minute counts for these customers. Using the CitizenDeveloper Platform, a scalable and secure cloud application was deployed within 24 hours!

What others are saying about CitizenDeveloper

“If you aren’t sure, you have risk. If you have a legacy or Shadow IT infrastructure, you are REALLY at risk. Everyone in IT lives a precarious existence just hoping that the day will never come when one ‘tiny’ oversight finally shows it’s face. Whether it’s a disgruntled employee, a laptop that walks out or a SQL injection attack that opens up a 10-year-old access database, I decided I had to do something…it’s just not worth losing everything over.”

Ted Smith
T&G Medical Billing

“CitizenDeveloper provided us with more than we ever imagined… and so easily by using the PA ITQ!”

Andrew Sheaf
PA Department of Community & Economic Development

“With CitizenDeveloper, I am able to spend less than a day developing a Proof of Concept that would have otherwise taken weeks to accomplish. Without your tool, most of what I do for my company would be impossible.”

Rob Drover

“Citizen development has allowed me to accomplish more in the last 2 years than I have in nearly 2 decades of traditional development – which cost me more than double what I pay today.”

Company CEO

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