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From Concept to Deployment in 24 hours… That’s why we call it “Development in Real-Time”

Kishore Kolupoti
EVP Strategic Business Development,
System Soft Technologies
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Banks had only a few days to get up to speed with the federal Paycheck Protection Program. They needed a loan processing system to manage their documents and applicants, or risk losing their most valuable small business customers. Every minute counts!


Using the CitizenDeveloper Platform, a scalable and secure cloud application was deployed within 24 hours!

The Paycheck Protection Program was released quickly, with no time to prepare. Struggling small business clients were turning to others lenders for help.

Demand from struggling SMBs was overwhelming for lenders, who did not have the infrastructure in place to automate and streamline their application process. Many financial institutions and SBA Agencies believed it would take weeks to create the infrastructure and automate the processes to meet demand.
Using CitizenDeveloper, System Soft created a Paycheck Protection loan submission application in less than 24 hours to meet the “Real-Time Development” needs of SBA agencies.
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Final, digitally signed loan submission!

From business need to finished application in hours not weeks!


CitizenDeveloper delivered a CARES Act loan submission solution in less than 24 hours!

System Soft was able to hand off a complete solution that allowed users to submit their CARES Act application online, reducing branch inquiries and providing answers to applicants that were in a desperate position. Users received real-time email updates and could log into their portal at any time to view their application status, and submit questions. Most importantly, this solution was ready to process and submit applications to the SBA before the fund was depleted.
This solution was delivered in record time providing the following benefits:

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