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Per Month
Get 1 CCU Free per month!
limited to 1 CCU per month*

This Includes:

  • Up to 5 tables
  • Up to 100 records per table
  • Up to 20 pages
  • PayPal payments
  • 1 Development Environment
  • Public cloud hosting
  • Academy training
  • Stack Overflow & Reddit communities
  • Basic support & community tickets
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Per Month
Get 14 days and 1 CCU Free!
+$25 per each additional CCU*

This Includes:

  • Everything in Free plan, plus:
  • Unlimited number of tables
  • Unlimited number of records
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • API usage
  • Simple payments, includes ACH
  • 1 Production environment
  • Custom subdomain name
  • Developer support & private tickets


Per Month
Get 14 days and 1 CCU Free!
+$40 per each additional CCU*

This Includes:

  • Everything in Simple plan, plus:
  • Scheduled logic
  • Page security package
  • 1 Testing environment
  • Data backups
  • Custom domain
  • White labeling option


Per Month
Get 14 days and 1 CCU Free!
+$50 per each additional CCU*

This Includes:

  • Everything in Business plan, plus:
  • Record security package
  • Compliance package
  • Change management package
  • Unlimited number of environments
  • Exportable data backups
  • Dedicated, public, or private cloud
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • 5 Service level agreements (SLAs)

Compare Our Plans

Tools Access
Max Records Per Table
Max Tables
Max Pages
API Usage
Scheduled Logic
Page Security Package:
Visibility Overlay and Security Groups
Compliance and Record Security Package:
compliance, security overlays, security audit logs
Change Management Package:
"Code" Review / Merging Support
Payment Processing
PayPal Payments
Stripe Payment Processing (incl. ACH)
Systems Administration
1x Dev
1x Dev,
1x Prod
1x Dev,
1x Test,
1x Prod
Data Backups
Hosting Options Package:
Dedicated, Public or Private Cloud
White Labeling
Custom Sub Domain
Custom Domains
White Labeling Option
Training Academy
Stack Overflow and Reddit Communities
Basic Tier Support
and Community Tickets
Developer Tier Support
and Private Tickets
Email Support
Phone Support
5 SLAs
300+ Other Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing Plans​

The tiers generally make sense based on your use case. You can use the Free Tier if you are simply seeking to explore the tools. You can user the Simple Tier tf you have a simple application. You can use the Business Tier if you are a small business and expect to be working individually. You can use the Business Teams Tier if you are a part of a team working at a larger business.

Generally, the Business Tier adds API usage and private labeling options, whereas the Business Teams Tier adds Service Level Agreements, Security and Compliance tools and Change Management (coming soon!).

Your Free Tier doesn’t run out. But your Free Tier CCU could possibly run out. The good news though is it will refresh at the beginning of the next period.
The only other cost is based on what you actually consume, which we measure and report using Cloud Consumption Units (CCUs).


A Cloud Consumption Unit (CCU) is a standard unit of measure for a wide range of consumables that your application may require, including cloud-based processing, file storage, bulk email, sms messaging, map or geo coordinate calls, and much more.
Put simply, every service you consume is metered and tracked as some fraction of a CCU. You can review your CCU consumption by service and by installation at any time to know what your various installations are actually costing in real time.
You can always use our estimation tool to estimate what your application might need. However, if you want to know in near real-time what your application installations are actually consuming, then simply sign into and review the CCU consumption information for that installation.
If your application is on the Free Tier you shouldn’t consume your full CCU during the period. But if you do, then your application will be disabled until the beginning of your next billing period, and at that point your free CCU will refresh. If you are on a higher tier, then you will be billed for your next CCU as soon as all previous ones have been consumed.
CCUs are charged to your billing method on file at the time they are started when previous CCUs have been completely consumed. According to your convenience, you can set the rate of CCU recharges to be one at a time or in groups, for example 10 at a time.
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