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“CitizenDeveloper provided us with more than we ever imagined… and so easily by using the PA ITQ!”

Andrew Sheaf
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PA Department of Community & Economic Development




A web-based application to monitor and rank municipalities was needed but every response was over the allotted $250,000 budget.


CitizenDeveloper delivered a unique web application using the PA ITQ Pre-Approved Vendor List for under $50,000.

Every response was over their allotted $250,000 budget.

The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (PA DCED) required a web-based application to monitor and rank municipalities according to financial distress.

Under PA Act 47, DCED has a responsibility to assist Pennsylvania municipalities that are experiencing severe financial difficulties in order to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their citizens.

This municipality ranking was being done manually and was incredibly time-consuming. PA DCED released RFP number 024-2017-3 for “Web-Based Financial Reporting Network for Distressed Communities”

This RFP was cancelled because every vendor response was over the allotted $250,000 budget.

Cancelling the RFP didn’t cancel the problem. DCED contacted CitizenDeveloper to see what was possible using their no-code application platform.

Project Success

CitizenDeveloper delivered a unique web application using the PA ITQ Pre-Approved Vendor List for under $50,000.

Today, PA DCED is able to make data-driven decisions and is saving weeks of effort every year by using the Early Warning System to calculate financial distress factors and rank all Municipalities in a flexible, admin-defined, financial model. In October 2018, the PA DCED was able to showcase their application to 13 other states, who were very interested in seeing how Pennsylvania’s innovation was saving time and serving their communities.

This new application was delivered on budget to their unique specifications providing the following benefits:

  • Provides a financial risk model that can be applied to every Pennsylvania municipality.
  • Allows annual ranking and evaluation of each municipality related to its financial risk.
  • Reporting that analyzes municipality data and makes recommendations.

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