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Microservice Processing: Your Standards, Your Premises, Your Security — Your Way

CitizenDeveloper uses the most advanced and secure cloud technologies available in the world today. Kubernetes deployment capability means that you can deploy ALL of your CitizenDeveloper microservice processing to the public – or private – cloud of your choice!

Data Processing: Your Standards, Your Premises, Your Security — Your Way

CitizenDeveloper data connectors allow immediate deployment using highly secure and scalable cloud databases (recommended to get started with Rapid Prototyping) BUT also supports switching to your required on-premise production database according to your architectural standards. Conduct data backups and synchronize Master Data either directly from the service processors or between databases at the binary level – or even using API’s!

APIs for Master Data, SSO or 3rd Party Services — Your Way

The CitizenDeveloper Platform supports the highest security standards for inbound and outbound API communications. All manner of network-connected software and devices, single sign on (SSO) and Master Data may be controlled either from the cloud or from your on premise CitizenDeveloper installation.

World Class Security SLA!

CitizenDeveloper has worked closely with the largest cloud vendors (e.g. AWS, Google, Docker) to react to security alerts and to insure the highest possible standards of data safety and uptime. This allows us to provide you with a rarely seen Security Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The best part is that your data is never decrypted or identified until it rests safely behind these many layers of protection!

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