Chat GPT Can’t Beat Full Stack No Code

There has been so much hype around Chat GPT, and in fact, it’s an amazing product; the most accessible AI-based technology released to date. However, Chat GPT despite what many are saying, is not a tool to build applications with and definitely is not a tool for citizen developers to build applications with.

Chat GPT Is Amazing

The hype around Chat GPT is generally well-earned. All previous AI technologies seemed to have so much code and training around them, that they didn’t actually quite seem like AI at all! But Chat GPT has an incredible knack for producing what appears to be well-reasoned, well-organized content on a near-infinite variety of topics. It even produces highly subject-matter-specific content.

It even returns code! When the product first launched, our CTO tested Chat GPT by asking for a regular expression to perform a task. At first blush, the expression that Chat GPT returned seemed to be of sufficient quality. But our CTO didn’t stop there, he then asked Chat GPT to build a test using that expression, and to all of our amazement, it performed that function as well!

No question, Chat GPT is going to be an amazing resource.

Chat GPT Isn’t Going to Build, Manage and Maintain Large Scale Applications

Unfortunately, Chat GPT is still a far cry from producing code that can merge with other code and be free of errors, all at scale. And while it can return blocks of code that may perform a function well, integrating and debugging that code in a much larger code base will be daunting. It will be even more daunting if your team doesn’t know your code base because they used Chat GPT to write all the component functions!

We are nowhere near the days when a business user can describe what they want, and Chat GPT will simply insert some new code to deliver that functionality in a bug-free environment.

No, in fact, there are other technologies that are much closer to that than Chat GPT!

No Code is Also Amazing

No Code is also quite the rage these days. However, for the most part, these tools are fairly narrow in the scope of what they are able to provide. For example, most people wouldn’t think of using No Code to build a sophisticated enterprise-scale web application.

But they would be wrong!


easy password reset logic with citizendeveloper
Easy password reset logic with no code citizendeveloper platform.

NLP and Full Stack No Code is Even More Amazing!

Without writing a single line of code someone can build a rich, sophisticated enterprise grade application that can power multiple departments and even entire enterprise processes. In fact, some small businesses are known to run nearly their entire operations on these tools.

Full stack no code is going somewhere that even Chat GPT can’t go. It actually allows full stack web developers and business users to communicate in their own natural language and modify application functionality on the way! Watch these example videos on YouTube. recently filed a patent on research they’ve been doing for over half a decade on precisely that; allowing natural language to power material application software development and subsequent modification. Amazing!

Chat GPT Loses in a Matchup

The fact is, if you want to build complex, enterprise grade applications, and then actually evolve them over time, full stack no code will beat out Chat GPT in a head-to-head matchup.

If all you want is a discrete code function, use Chat GPT.

If you want an application that grows and evolves with you over time, use Full Stack No Code!

Try It Out

Watch the video below. Or create a new development application for yourself, it’s free here.

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