Peak Sales - The Time is Now

The macro market timing is really good for no-code sales.

As the expression goes, “timing is everything”. The same holds true for selling disruptive technologies. If you bring such a technology to a customer too early, it is poorly understood and perceived as too risky. If you bring it too late, you face numb customers and stiffer competition. No-Code is at the early stages of that sweet spot where the customers are open to it and where there is little competition. The time is now.

no-code products are widely needed and deliver strong gross margins, disruptive technology

Ask any of your peers who have introduced no-code to one of their customers what their experience was; there is a good chance your peer will respond that there was some excitement. Because unlike most things we sell, no-code provokes an emotional reaction from many customers. It’s something the customer hasn’t truly been introduced to before, and it’s something that can truly solve major headaches they are dealing with. That excitement evidences the fact that no-code is in the selling sweet spot. Customers don’t get excited about things they either (a) don’t believe or (b) are already inundated with. No-code presented properly is neither of those things.

And we’ve been around long enough to see the difference. In fact, the difference is palpable. We were selling no-code before the word “cloud computing” even existed. It was a difficult time. After showing someone a tool that could solve many of their application backlog challenges; because the customer had no context of “cloud computing” or “platform as a service” and because they only operated using installed software, they would simply react with a “huh?”. Definitely not an emotional response and definitely not the best of times to be a seller.

And while that’s what happens when you try to sell a disruptive technology too early, most of you already know what it feels like to sell a technology too late. You likely do it all the time as it’s the most common type of selling. In this case, your success is probably coming as much from your own selling skills and personal relationships as it is from any unique strengths of your product.

These times are definitely different for selling no-code. For your customers, no-code is something they haven’t yet been inundated with. It offers a unique value proposition they have not yet been exposed to, and to the more technical types is just plain “cool” and something they can “geek out” about. Increasingly, they are making buy decisions around no-code.

Remember, your first no-code sale for a customer doesn’t need to be the big sale. It can be a less important project, a challenged project, or in some cases even just a prototype. But if you “land” with a no-code sale you will demonstrate the value proposition and your customer won’t forget that. It will lead to “expand” sales which at no-code gross margins represents massive margin dollars for you and your company.

Plus the process for landing a no-code sale is simple.

  1. Get to the VP of Application Development or similar

  2. Ask about the 4 key challenges; Excessive Backlog, Hiring Troubles, Budget Constraints and Challenged Projects.

  3. When one of these hit (and they almost always do) deliver the high level no-code messaging; “Sophisticated, Custom, Enterprise Software”.

  4. When the high level message is delivered talk about the 3 messaging pillars of no-code: Agility, Cost and Control. For each pillar, it’s easy to toss out one of the few great statistics or narratives. And don’t forget to deliver the relevant case studies we have for you that support each messaging pillar.

  5. And now that they are interested, bring in your Solutions Architect, and secure a demo. From this point forward your Solutions Architect will help take a leadership role in the process; the heavy lifting is done!
One thing we can assure you, based on selling no-code for about 2 decades now, rarely in the technology world will you find a better time to offer a product that is so widely needed and delivers such strong gross margins.

The time is now!

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