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Platform Release

Date 07/13/2023
Platform version 1403.161.1438 or greater

Many additional roadmap features and community tickets may have been included, tested, and resolved or improved since our last release. We highly recommend reviewing the full list within the Developers Platform Version release notes and reviewing the Learning center for completed items you may have been excited for.

Key Points

  • This new General Availability (GA) release is now available!

  • New dashboard abilities

  • New logic abilities

  • New fields and field types

  • Resolved tickets

  • Recommended items to review with this release

New Additions

  • New Relationships Dashboard
  • New Fields Dashboard
  • Adding, editing and deleting Logic Functions from the Logic Dashboard is now available. View these new abilities →
  • New Date/Time Field View Variant named Countdown Timer.  Learn how to use the timer →
  • New Clock Field Type
  • Creating or updating a table now allows the citizen developer to generate sample records, name fields, and name interfaces, through the generate interfaces setting.
  • HTML to PDF Block is now the HTML to File block and supports docx generation.
  • Added Save, Reset and Run Once buttons to the Scheduled Logic setting.
  • Added blocks for managing Stripe invoices, invoice items, and refunds.

Resolved Tickets and Updates

Multiple Field Types

  • Maximum length for a Field’s Technical Name has been reduced from 60 to 50 characters.
  • Resolves an issue getting toFixed() when trying to save some percentage fields (Resolves 31178)

Address Field Types

  • Adjusted the padding some Street 1 and Street 2 are padded the same way by default (Resolves 30948) Payment Field Types

  • Updated style for the Configuration setting.
  • Resolved an issue with the selected value not being displayed (Resolves 31023)

Calendar Field Types


  • Calendar fields now permit colors to be configured for each event. Calendar fields have also had lifecycle updates for performance.
  • Calendar fields no longer push empty fields in if a field is not selected.
  • Fixed oversight where calendar fields wouldn’t calculate as children of containers. (Resolves 31256)
  • Query processing is now more hardened against empty fields being passed in. (Resolves 31218)

Chart Field Types

  • Adjusted some font sizes in the Chart Config settings

Container Field Types

  • Fixes an issue where repeating grids would not always pass along expression information.
  • Resolved an issue where doubly nested repeating containers would calculate some expressions with the wrong context. (Resolves 31305, 31431)
  • Fixed an issue where repeating grid children of repeating grids would only run with the first record from the parent repeating grid. (Resolves 31263)
  • Fixed an issue with repeating grids not respecting local grid height or width overrides when refreshing or changing size views. (Resolves 30939)

Content Dropdown Field Types

  • Tab Options, adjusted the size of the remove option.

Content Tab Field Types

  • Better content tab and dropdown recalculation on change.
  • Adjusted the Tab Options field to have an Add button at the bottom to add a new tab.
  • Fixes an issue where content tabs with no variant defined wouldn’t find a default variant in edit mode.
  • Fixed an edge case where defaulting content tabs to their first value on add pages would cause the record not to be read as dirty.
  • Fixed an issue where recalculating static content tabs was getting the wrong record ID.
  • Resolves an issue with changing tabs on content tabs removing autofit height.
  • Resolves an issue with static content tab children with query overrides not showing the correct record.
  • Fixes an issue with the selected content tab not being available to its children at runtime. (Resolves 31239)
  • Updated to handle query overrides on children of dynamic tabs. (Resolves 31175)
  • Resolves an issue with content tabs not appropriately generating the selected content tab record set on init (Resolves 31171)

Currency Field Types

  • Functionality on currency edit synced with number edit (Resolves 31267)
  • Fixed an issue with entering decimal values between 0 and 1 in currency fields without the leading 0 (Resolves 31267)


  • Dashboard UI updates.
  • In the Discussions Settings adjusted the Add Discussion button to line up with the style for adding Security Groups.

Expressions and Queries

  • Fixes an issue where malformed queries or queries which return no results will prevent links from showing link text.
  • Fixed a scoping issue with currentQuery that was causing some expressions to be associated with the wrong query if the parent component’s location had multiple possible fields which could display there with mismatching queries.
  • Fixes to some issues with expression calculation in new grid calculation.
  • Fixed an issue with passing the wrong current record in when calculating expressions (Resolves 31280)
  • Fixed context issues running some queries (Resolves 31257, 31282)
  • Fixed an issue with the page below record not being available when page queries run (Resolves 31268)
  • Fixes an issue where expressions would sometimes run under the wrong context (Resolves 31241)
  • Fixed an issue where queries which returned empty weren’t setting their contents as unbound, which was the previous expected behavior (Resolves 31227)
  • Fixed an issue with loading pages where the query was an empty string (Resolves 31087)

File Attachment Field Types

  • Resolved an issue that was causing a warning about maxWidth for Thumbnail View.

Main Menu Field Types

  • Renamed from Primary Navigation Tabs.
  • UX Rebuilt for defining Menus and Menu Options.
  • Menu Items setting now shows ‘X Items’ to indicate how many main menu items there are, instead of the name of the first one.
  • Resolves an issue with the main menu builder crashing the page when some tabs have no icons (Resolves 31169)

List Field Types

  • Fields Setting – Descriptive Text is no longer running off the left side.
  • Row Selection Setting – Descriptive Text no longer ends in a >.
  • Resolved an issue where sometimes list fields flicker, with scrollbars turning off and on (Resolves 31270)
  • Resolves an issue with List scrollbars disappearing (Resolves 31427, 31430)


  • HTML to PDF Block is now the HTML to File block and supports docx generation.
  • Fixed an issue where not all logic triggers available for a field would show in the Preview. (Resolves 31082)
  • Fixes issue with running lose focus and lose focus change for freshly initialized searchable static select fields. (Resolves 31240)
  • Resolves an issue with reading an undefined property when running some actions (Resolves 31172)

Logic Functions

  • Adding, editing and deleting Logic Functions from the Logic Dashboard is now available.

Logic Schedules

  • Updated to Schedules are Opt-In for Development Installations and will run on their Schedule for a maximum of 24 hours. Testing and Production Installations are unchanged.
  • Added Save, Reset and Run Once buttons to the Scheduled Logic setting.
  • Removed Run from the buttons underneath the settings list.

Stripe Logic

  • Added blocks for managing Stripe invoices, invoice items, and refunds.
  • Added ‘End’ behavior option when creating Stripe Subscription Schedules (Resolves 31138).


  • Removed code which caused too many expressions and queries to be calculated for unselected content tabs and dropdowns, improving performance.
  • Application Canvas handle is no longer above dialogs.
  • Resolves an issue with some dialogs not having the correct page record.
  • Fixed an issue where on page load logic for add pages would run before the record was created, causing issues defaulting values.
  • Attaching fields to pages will no longer save pages which have not been properly added to the database. (Resolves 31269)
  • Fixed an issue where attaching fields to a page which had not yet been saved to the database would result in a malformed page. (Resolves 31269)
  • Resolved an issue with the page below having the wrong value if opened from a link about a different record than the page. (Resolves 31438)
  • Fixed an issue where opening add pages would cause the record to double-generate, preventing them from loading in the correct mode. (Resolves 31232)
  • Fixes an issue where add pages didn’t correctly find the variant whose calculateGridInfo to use if no variant was explicitly provided. (Resolves 31196)
  • Fixed an issue where opening dialogs was not appropriately passing along the page below record context. (Resolves 31189)
  • Updated interface actions to only run on page load in dialogs after the page has finished calculating. (Resolves 31190, 31194)
  • Refreshing field preserves grid positioning information. (Resolves 31176)
  • Fixed an issue where opening dialogs about a new record would sometimes double-run new record generation, causing add pages to open in the wrong mode. (Resolves 31179)

Settings Panel

  • Made currently selected overlay drop down item highlighted. (Resolves #16)
  • Improved the Header Line Heights so that when the headers wrap to two lines they look better. (Resolves #18)


  • Creating or Updating a table now allows the citizen developer to generate sample records, name fields and interfaces through the generate interfaces setting.
  • Icon position issues resolved.


  • Updated when the bg-panel classes are applied
  • Removed page-content .field style that’s dev only. (Resolves 31302)

User Impersonation

  • Adjusted the font size of the Switch control.
  • Can now click on the full row to impersonate a user. (Resolves #95)


  • Resolved two issues with Visibility pins and the Preview not opening the Settings properly for Content Tabs and consistently between the Preview and double-click access methods. All is in parity now. (Resolves 31006, #101)

Recommended Actions with this Release

  • Review the padding adjustments made to the Street 1 and Street 2 inputs for address field types to determine whether your theme still requires the previous style or requires any additional padding changes. (Reference 30948)
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