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google cloud platform
*(Many of the below benefits can be achieved in part by deploying a local version of Google’s Kubernetes Container Management Platform on the premises, or by using alternative Docker Management services).
For the best value proposition in application development, strongly recommends the use of a High Productivity Application Platform as a Service, designed around an Asynchronous Containerized Microservices stack. Google Cloud Services are an excellent tool to power these Containerized Microservices.
Google Container Engine is a recommended platform for the deployment and management of Docker Containers, and Google provides a wide range of cloud based services to support a full cloud-only development stack. A complete list can be found here: Google CloudPlatform.
Before talking about the technical benefits, it is important to note that, maybe unique in the cloud delivery space, Google sales and support resources are widely available and very interested in helping a remote client understand and address any concerns. The level of customer service is unusually strong.
Some of the technical benefits of Google Cloud Services include:


The Google Architecture includes fast memory, solid state drives for quick read and write of your application’s data, and Google’s dark-fiber connections between zones and regions.


Google offers near-infinite scaling ability for your application, all at highly competitive cost.


The Google Cloud Platform offers compliance to security standards for Fedramp, SOC, ISO 27001, PCI, HIPAA, CSA STAR, and much more. Please speak with your sales representative about any specific compliance needs.

Point to Point Communication

Google offers the most advanced and highly monitored point to point authentication tools which means that you can sleep well knowing that your application communication traffic is highly secure and highly confidential.

Global CDN

All Containerized Microservices deployed on Google Container Engine take full advantage of Google’s Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for all static content. This means that your users anywhere in the world will receive web traffic from the nearest possible source, which translates into the fastest possible page load times.

Multi-Zone, High Availability Deployment

Although Google uptime is near perfect and they currently offer a 99.95% uptime SLA, we can provide extra assurance by deploying containers across multiple zones ensuring that some catastrophic event in a particular zone will not cause your users any downtime. Because each container is stateless, loss of one region will not interrupt usage or affect availability.

Data Management

Google’s Data Management services are second to none in terms of reliability and protection against any form of catastrophic data loss. As always, will also take periodic and live data backups as an extraordinarily protective step. To conclude, if the goal is to maximize the quantity and quality of application feature deployment, there is no better option than a high productivity application platform as a service designed around asynchronous, stateless, containerized microservices. Google Cloud Services is our recommended stack for powering these microservices for a broad range of scalability, security, availability and cost reasons.
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